Thursday, June 3, 2010 Giveaways is currently sponsoring a giveaway for 6-@bumGenius one size 3.0 #clothdiapers. Here is a link to their facebook page so you can participate to win as well!/posted.php?id=56135876030&share_id=122701781103887&comments=1#s122701781103887

Once reaches 5700 followers they will randomly draw a winner from one of the eligible comments.

What I like best about is
1.) Their great giveaways!! It seems like they are ALWAYS giving something away! They even did an impromptu giveaway yesterday (Weds. 6/2/10) for a GroVia dipe!! Now, even though I'm kind of a FB junkie, I totally missed entering by minutes, but the point is....TONS of freebies!!
2.) The deals!!! It seems like at least once a week they have some kind of free, on top of the opportunity to win some free dipes right now, they are also offering this deal:
FREE one size cloth diaper with a $25 purchase at Use code PGNBJUNE (Limit 1 code per order. KC chooses brand and style of diaper. Sorry, no previous or pending orders discounted.)
3.) Other opportunities to receive free diapers when making purchases through It's their diaper dollars rewards program that can be viewed here:

Other reasons to like, especially on FB? They have so many 'fans' that when you post a question on their FB page you have a lot of friendly helpful 'clothies' (that's my word for cloth diapering peeps :P ...just made up, although it may already be used....if so sorry!! ) that give you advise from their experiences also.

Honestly, I sometimes wonder how they can do as many giveaways as they do, but...I'm not complaining!! Things must go going pretty good for them, which is great to see!!

Check them out and see for yourself!

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